A Safe Zone For Reducing Stress and Excessive Tiredness

woman face resting on forearm on desk eyes closed

woman face resting on forearm on desk eyes closed


Scientists learn more every day about the dangerous effects of stress on the human body. Stress can cause severe health conditions. It is also the cause of severe fatigue.

Any number of things in your life can cause stress. Deadlines, office politics, and pressure from management can stress you at work. Finances, household chores, and family issues can cause stress at home. Even happy events like planning vacations or family gatherings can cause stress. Stress surrounds you daily, and letting it control your life is easy. Your energy will drain from your body and leave you with constant tiredness.

If your excessive tiredness is caused by stress, an excellent anti-stress technique is to create a safe zone. A safe zone is a straightforward thing to create. When done correctly, a safe zone is a fantastic way to decrease stress and fatigue.

Safe zones are 70% mental and 30% physical. A safe zone can be created anywhere and works best where you are most stressed. Safe zones can be in your car, office, kitchen, or wherever you need them. It is best to create a safe zone where you are stressed, such as in your office, versus changing locations, such as stepping out into a hallway. Changing locations sends a “retreat” signal to your brain that will increase the release of stress chemicals. Instead, try to take a mental stand against your stress.

Your next step is to control your breathing. Breathing shallow signals a “Danger” to your brain and increases stress. Deep breathing signals “Safety” and reduces your stress. Plant your feet square on the floor and breathe slowly through your nose. Make yourself breathe deeper and slower with each breath. Focus on slowing your heartbeat and releasing tension in your muscles with each breath.

After controlling your breathing, begin clearing your mind of negative, panicky, scary, or tense thoughts. Instead, think positive and attainable thoughts. Try simple thoughts like “I will be okay,” “I can handle this situation,” “Things will get better soon,” and “This will be over soon.” Begin to feel yourself take control of the situation. You will feel safer, calmer, and more rational and can begin to resolve the problem without stress.

A safe zone can be a place to retreat and regroup mentally. It can be a miraculous refuge away from stress and improve how your brain responds in these situations. It will also help eliminate stress-related toxins in your system.

You will feel increasingly better as your body is exposed to less stress-related toxins. You will also be able to control your stress to achieve your goals better and confront your problems. The safe zone technique will help stop your fatigue and improve your quality of life.


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