Build Up Your Immune System

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With winter just around the corner, building up your immune system is the best way to avoid getting sick. Several ways can help keep you on top of your game, so let’s discuss some ways to ensure that you stay healthy.


Get Plenty of Rest

Making sure you get a good night’s sleep is one of the most critical factors to staying healthy. People vary in how much sleep they need, but you should get an average of at least eight hours of solid rest every night. If you can’t get this amount, try napping during the daytime to keep your body in peak condition.


Wash Your Hands

This is another important aspect of keeping your immune system in good shape. During the day, we are all in contact with germs and bacteria that can wreak havoc on our health and cause sickness. You don’t need to be obsessive about hand washing, but frequent washing (especially during the winter) will help kill off the large majority of harmful germs that can break down an immune system.


Drink Water and Eat Healthily

Water is the ultimate life source for humans and is a must to stay healthy. The average adult should consume approximately eight glasses of water per day. This will replenish your lost fluids through urination. Also, eating healthy should be obvious, but so many people feed their bodies toxic foods. It’s hard to feel good if you are eating fast food all the time, so it’s essential to have good nutrition. Try to eat a balanced diet and pile on plenty of fruits and vegetables.



Not everyone wants to or has the time to exercise these days, but simply working out your body can make a huge difference when it comes to staying healthy or getting sick. One of the best ways to exercise is to go hiking once a week. You don’t have to kill yourself by ascending huge mountains, but hiking for a few miles will keep your immune system nice and healthy. If you don’t have access to hiking, walk around your neighborhood once or twice a week instead. Also, lifting some weights and doing push-ups and sit-ups are other ways to keep your body functioning well.


Vitamin Supplements

These can also significantly help reduce your chances of getting sick if you take the right supplements. This can help ward off harmful toxins and boost your immune system. Vitamins B and C are some of the most helpful and can be found in your local health food store.


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