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Today, the IOM delivered news that the defining features of the illness must be present in the definition and name, a move that was heralded as a positive step by many CFS clinicians and patients.  


 Short Takes 

February 2015

The new definition is here, unveiled at a. press conference on February 10, 11 am.    The new name and definition, I believe, are a positive step and a best-effort to come up with a more solid-long term definition and name for this disease.  

The new term for the disease is SEID -- Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease.  Many are pronouncing it Ess - Eh- Eye - Dee.   Though somewhat awkward, is more accurate than existing names and will help pinpoint the main defining characteristics of the disease. 

The definition lists 3 criteria: 

1)  Substantial reduction or impairment in previous activities for 6 months

2)   Post exertional malaise

3)  Unrefreshing sleep

As well as one of the two following:

1)  Cognitive Impairment

2)  Orthostatic Intolerance (ability to remain upright without becoming fatigued)

The strategy appears to break with past failed attempts to encourage fibromyalgia, pain, and other fatiguing illness research and treatment to occur within the CFS rubric -- an approach I agree with.

 The name and definition must be accepted and utilized -- by public and most importantly, leaders at the HHS--- if it is to succeed.   If not, the derogatory and all-encompassing "fatigue syndrome" may live on; so there is much to yet be determined.  

What happens in the coming year, particularly with the health department's choices in regard to changing to the new name and definition in regard to their websites and public materials will be crucial in determining where this will all go.   


                       Best wishes to all,

                                        Craig Maupin  


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