Author Hillenbrand Speaks To 'Elle' Magazine About Life with CFS

    Unique Antibodies Found in Subset of CFS Patients:   Ohio State

   Discover Magazine:   Could B Cells Be the Cause of CFS?  

  Tuller: "Fatigue" Label/Definition Comes Under Scrutiny   

Harvard Student Speaks Out About Severity Of "Devastating Disease"

Tuller:   Federal Funding for Immunological Breakthroughs Lags

 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
(CFS) News
Patient Concerned About Losing Access to Ampligen

Chasing the Shadow Virus:  Discover Magazine

Tova Bailey Wins Stanford's 2012 Saroyan Prize 

FDA Reverses Earlier Ampligen Decision, Agrees to Meet with CFS/ME Stakeholders

Recordkeeping and FOIA Compliance
 in the CFS Program at the NIH

Tuller:   Putting the CDC's Historical Record In Focus

L.A. Times:  Whirlwind Year for 'UnBroken's' Zamperini

Beautiful Spirit Remembered:    CFS Community Mourns a Loss:  Tribute To Amberlin Wu

10 Million Dollars Donated to CFS Research By the Hutchins Family Foundation 

Llewellyn King for Real Clear Science:   CFS is Misunderstood
International Consensus Case
 Definition To Be Published

New York Times' Tuller:  Inconsistent Case
Definition Distinctions A Problem

Meet Elisabeth Tova Bailey 

  New Study:   CDC's Revised Research  Definition  Flawed

Jason on CFS:  New York Times

A Disease Like No Other:   The Personal Costs of CFS


 Short Takes 


The story of a devastating illness on film.

An independent filmaker and Harvard-educated PHD student, Jennifer Brea, have been making noise with a new film about CFS. The film has garnered attention from Good Morning America, coinciding with efforts of the filmmakers to raise money to produce and promote the film.

A trailer for the movie has been produced. It can be seen here.

Canary in  Coal Mine Trailer

A kickstarter webpage has also been set up to take donations and votes in support of the project.

(update 11/25/13)  The kickstarter campaign was successful in raising enough for this project.   With over 2500 people joining in the effort.

                       Best wishes to all,

                                        Craig Maupin  


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Interview with Dr. Vivian Pinn, Director of ORWH at the NIH

International Consensus Case Definition To Be Published

OP/ED:    Common Language Spoken At CDC's Stakeholder's Meeting In Atlanta


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