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From the CDC to the CAA:  Vernon Accepts Scientific Director Position


1-08 (   The CFIDS Association of America (CAA), an advocacy organization for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has announced that Dr. Suzanne Vernon accepted a position of scientific director.  According a November 7, 2006 press release, Vernon’s responsibilities will oversee “Association-funded research grants, foster opportunities for data sharing and collaboration among CFS researchers worldwide, and help build a framework for accelerating the pace of research through multidisciplinary, translational research”.

           Prior to her position at the CAA, Vernon worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 17 years.   While at the CDC, Vernon researched viruses involved in cervical cancer, before moving to the CDC’s fledgling CFS research program.  According to CFIDS Association of America director Kimberly McCleary, Vernon will be asked to “pioneer a new model for speeding the progress of CFS research and translating the science for health care professionals and patients to move clinical care forward and ultimately lead to more effective treatments.”   

 Vernon’s appointment comes on the heels of a decision by the CAA to discontinue a lucrative contract with the CDC.  That contract was issued as a means to collaboratively provide clinician education programs for CFS.    At the Health and Human Services Coordinating Committee meeting for CFS on November 28th, 2006, McCleary stated the CAA recusal from the contract stemmed from concerns about the type of information being provided through the contract, as well as certain requirements that would be imposed by the contract.